Autumn Mini Shoot 2019

Autumn Mini Sessions in Sutton Coldfield | Sandwell West Midlands

Thank you for your interest in my Autumn mini sessions taking place in Sutton Coldfield and Sandwell Valley, in the West Midlands.


This is the time of year to gather your family, partner or friends for some fabulous outdoor portraits.  They will make awesome Christmas gifts or just a general refresher of your current photos.  I have selected Dartmouth Park Sandwell and Sutton Park -Town Gate as they offer plenty of opportunity for great photographs, plenty of space to roam free and have fun.

Hopefully the information provided here will answer questions you may have along with providing some handy tips to help your session run smoothly.

Session Information

To keep things simple my Autumn mini sessions are one, all-inclusive price.

These Autumn mini sessions are based outdoors and perfect for family or couples.  The sessions take place in the parks I have selected.  They last up to 30 minutes and are priced at £49, you will receive a gallery of colour images.

Upon receiving your online gallery of high resolution professionally edited images you will get the chance to chose your 5 high-res which are included in your all inclusive price.  You will also have the opportunity to upgrade and buy extra digitals and prints should you wish to do so.


5 high-resolution digital images in colour

30 minute session

Available During October, November and December 2019

Session times :- 10am /11am /12pm /1pm  /2pm  /3pm



Where’s The Meeting Place?

On the day of your shoot I will let you know where we meet. This is because I like to make sure the places I have found are still available to use as things can change in public parks.  I also like to get the best possible Autumn backdrop for your awesome photographs.

It’s Raining Are We Still Going Ahead?

Living in Britain mean we all know that the weather does it’s own thing LOL!!!  Therefore if the forecast looks awful and heavy rain has been predicted, another day will be scheduled for your session.  I will have some back up dates available should we need them.  If the weather has been predicted fine but unexpected showers appear we may reschedule.  But if the weather is cloudy or a little bit chilly the session will NOT be cancelled we shall don our hats, scarves, gloves and capture those perfect pictures showing Autumn at its very best.

Late Comers

It is really important to get to your session on time.  I advise arriving at least 15mins before so you have time to relax also be able to settle the kids before the session starts.  The sessions are 30 minutes and the time can’t be extended as clients are booked in close together.  It might be possible to schedule you after other sessions taken place and as long as the park is still open.

I know all too well that being late can happen due to all sorts of circumstances, so if you are going to be lat PLEASE LET ME KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE BY TEXT/CALL so we can sort something out.

Unexpected Illness 

It’s a shame but these things happen as they can’t be predicted.  Please let me know as soon as possible that way I can rearrange the session when you or other members of your party are better.

What To Wear? – Autumn Clothing Co-Ordination

Well lovely it’s the 64 thousand dollar question for many of us, but as an Autumn mini shoot is all about having FUN and together time.  You want to be creating long lasting memories so preparing yourself and others clothes-wise will be a good invest of your time.

You don’t have professional photos done everyday so being dressed right will help the session run smoothly.  Dressing up is the final flourish that will add that all important icing on the cake with sprinkles!!  Being COMFORTABLE is just as key to wearing pretty clothes.  Hopefully this section will help you choose the right outfit for your photo shoot.


  1. Please, please, please DON’T dress yourself or others in a style that is unfamiliar to you as you won’t enjoy it.  I would also urge you not to wear brand new clothes (if you do please make sure you have all tried them on and worn them round the house a few times so you get a feel for them).
  2. There is nothing worse than parents worrying about clothes being kept clean etc because they are new. You just cant truly relax and it will show in your pictures.  If you love jeans, shirts or jumpers go with it.  YOUR shoot is all about FEELING wonderful not just looking it.
  3. Remember it’s Autumn so make sure you are all cosy and warm.  Layers are good here cause if you are too warm after moving around you can take items off.  It’s slightly more difficult to warm up if you don’t have enough clothing in the first instance.  Feeling cold will lead to unhappy faces and wanting to end the shoot early.


  1. Where possible choose a colour palatte and stick to it.  Maybe mix blue tones (jeans) with cream.  Maybe mixing warm reds and yellows with darker colours so it’s easy on the eye.  By sticking within the colour palette and use of accent colours they will co-ordinate not clash.
  2. Hats, scarves, gloves and chunky knit jumper/cardigans always look stunning against the Autumn scenery.  Honestly the more co-ordinated (NOT COMPLETELY MATCHING) then the more fabulous you and your images will be.
  3. Dress yourselves a few days before and then look in the mirror or take a photo.  When you then look at it, if you dislike something remove it and if you’ve forgotten something you have time to buy or borrow it.
  4. Autumn produces some fabulous warm colours.  Which mean we are being offered the most perfect natural backdrop to work with so co -ordinating within nature’s colours is IMPORTANT.  Colours I feel go well with Autumn are Creams/Greys/Oranges/ Mustard/ Burgandy and Gold.  Having a base colour say Cream teamed with an accent of Mustard / Burgandy are certainly a winning combo


  1. Clothing with large letters & logos as they will be a BIG distraction on your photos.
  2. DON’T dress everyone in the same colour eg all in white/black/red
  3. Avoid VIVID bright colours eg strong /florescent green as we want YOU to be the focus among the Autumn background.
  4. Avoid clothing that is too tight or too loose/baggy
  5. If you wear glasses then reflective lenses are brilliant but not to worry if you don’t have them.  It is totally up to you if you wear or don’t wear your glasses.

What to wear inspiration from Pinterest Boards


You must feel comfortable in what you are wearing so that you will have fun and an enjoyable photo shoot. The session will be fun, relaxed and the end result will hopefully end up on your walls, in picture frames or albums.

To book your place or register your interest please fill out the form below.

I can’t wait to have fun with you in the Autumn leaves!!