Reasons For You To Book A Fresh 48 Photography Session

Newborn baby holding adult finger

Congratulations you will have just experienced one of the most important days of your life.  The miracle of birth and giving life to a tiny human and becoming a family.  So whether this is your first baby or your last these moments are just so precious and deserve to be preserved.

What the heck is a Fresh 48 photography session?

Well lovely a Fresh 48 photography session is a very up close and personal photo session that captures your baby during the first 24-48 hours of your baby’s life.  This can take place at hospital, birth centre or your home depending where your baby was born.  These photo sessions usually happen during the hours of daylight.  They really do give the opportunity to capture so many firsts like a bath, nappy changes, meeting big brothers or sisters and those all-important grandparents.

newborn baby girl in hospital holding mum's hand

Why is a Fresh 48 newborn session important?

With going into labour and so much happening around you either at hospital / home or birthing centre you will no doubt be overwhelmed by sounds, smells, endless people coming and going, this coupled with you being extremely tired and possibly out of it with pain medication. It is no wonder that your brain is going to have to slow down and pick and choose the bits to remember.  So, having a photography session like this will help you remember the things that have been pushed to the back of your mind or totally forgotten.

You choose your photographer…

There are so many styles of photography and in my opinion, there isn’t a type of photography which is better than another, it really does boil down to what you prefer and all about your personal choice.  So you know what!!…when you book your Fresh 48 Newborn photography beforehand, you are choosing the exact photographer that meets your needs and dreams from the session.

I can say there will no doubt be a hospital photographer milling about and they might be awesome! but they might also turn up at a time you don’t want, or they might come when you aren’t feeling your very best. You may also feel pressurised to let them in and photograph you, this may be followed by a hard sell.

Well when you book me as your Fresh 48 photographer in advance, you can choose a time for the session so you know exactly when to expect me and how the session will go from the questionnaire you filled out previously so no surprises. This is perfect if you want to photograph siblings with the new baby and grandparents too.

Hey! I’ve got my own phone for pictures…

Well phones have come a long way thanks to the brilliant technology we have nowadays.  They can take fabulous photos and I hope you take as many as you can before the battery runs out.  But it doesn’t tell the whole story, especially if you as a mum are taking the photos, this means you’re not present in them. So, when you look back your baby will see everybody except you and of course mum is important, so you need to be in the picture.  I will come and take photos that will tell your story while you all relax and enjoy your new baby and family.

Your baby changes so quickly…

Honestly your baby continues growing quickly once they have left your womb.  They change so much in the first couple of weeks.  It’s amazing how all their tiny newborn features disappear in the blink of an eye.  So, having a Fresh 48 session will help to freeze these moments in time which will bring joy to you in later years.

Birth Photography isn’t for everyone…

If birth photography isn’t your cup of tea but you really want pictures as close to birth as possible then a Fresh 48 session is a fabulous alternative.  It means you have a chance to clean up from birth have a bit of a relax get comfy then have those all-important bonding pictures captured for all time.

Father kissing the head of his newborn baby boy

Your Fresh 48 Experience with Me

When you book your Fresh 48 photography it’s my aim that you will experience a smooth and comfortable session.  I know how important it is getting those first memories, capturing emotions and bonding with your new baby.  I feel this is achieved by me getting to know you via our phone consultation and the questionnaire I send you.  My sessions are free flowing non-posed and natural so you are relaxed with you being yourselves so the moments are captured organically.

You will experience a 90-minute worry free relaxed, honest Fresh 48 photography session where I will work to capture you all bonding and falling in love with your little one.

I really love Fresh 48 sessions and capturing all those first baby memories.  It would be a privilege to capture your new little one and I hope you will consider letting me capture those moments for you.  This session is all about you relaxing and enjoying your time with your beautiful baby and creating photographs that will be cherished by all of you for a lifetime.

Please contact me here so we can start putting your Fresh 48 plan together for capturing your baby’s new life story.  I’m so excited and can’t wait to hear from you!!






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