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Enjoy your Engagement

My first piece of advice would be take the time to really enjoy your engagement as a couple.  I say this because once you start telling family and friends about your wonderful engagement it means you’ve got onboard the wedding roller coaster ride.  Although this ride is mainly enjoyable it does have its ups and downs along with twists and turns.

So, I say get cuddling and kissing, take the together selfies or you could have an engagement photo session to help (because there is finally a ring on it) show off that bling, click here for reasons to have an engagement session.  Remember you’re planning an event of a lifetime.


Now tell your parents

It’s only right I feel to tell your parents or significant adults about your upcoming wedding before telling other people.  Telling them face to face and together as a couple is ideal so you can all enjoy the moment.  They’ll be able to see the ring if you have one and you can talk about all things wedding!!


Time to reveal your good news

Now you can share your engagement news with your wider circle of family and friends.  How you share that news is totally up to you as there are so many ways to do this.  Face to face, phone calls, video chat, email or text.


Now to set that all important date

There are so many considerations when picking a date ie time of year do you want a summer or winter wedding? Do you have a job where your holidays are dictated ie education/teaching?  If so, be realistic with the dates you must work with and remember that whatever date you pick, it won’t be able to accommodate everybody so be strong and decisive.  You’ll be amazed how much easier it is to plan a wedding once have a date and, you’ll be able to answer one of the first questions people ask you.  Also having a date will help with getting important bookings like church/registrar, photographer and venue as these can often be booked up 2 years in advance.

As a photographer I’m often booked up 12+months in-advance.  I’m currently taking bookings for 2020 and 2021 click here for prices and details.



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Time to decide how much your budget is!!

I do feel budget and date go hand in hand.  Once you know how much you need or have then you can sort your date out, as you’ll want to have enough time to save / pay things off for your wedding.  It’s a good idea for both of you to set the budget and work out how you will achieve this.  Check how much you have in your savings and then work out how much you can save each month.  Getting yourself a wedding planning budget sheet or calculator can be useful as it can help keep you on track.

Having a conversation with your parents and asking them if they would like to contribute or pay for something specific would be a great help to you.  Going into married life with wedding debt can be a huge burden so try not to get into too much debt to pay for your wedding.  I would say decide if the things you want for your wedding are essential or just a want.  I feel wants can maybe considered once the essentials are secured and you have enough budget for it.  I’m afraid to say champagne tastes with a lemonade budget very rarely work out.


Bridal Party Choices

The bridal party do more than just rock up on the day of your wedding.  They can be a good resource of help so getting them involved early may well be beneficial to you and might just save your sanity at times.  Bridal parties can consist of up to 12 people although some couples may have none if they are having a very laid-back informal wedding day.  You can always check out the responsibilities that the groomsmen/bridesmaids are meant to have before you decide who will be in your final bridal party.  Remember there are so many fun ways to ask people to be in your bridal party so have fun and get choosing your best people for the day.

Bride and groom with groomsmen and bridesmaids


Don’t get stressed out

Planning a wedding can get overwhelming and stressful at times so I would highly recommend getting help where possible.  There are so many ways to get you through this planning process.  You can get help from your reliable family/friends who have planned their weddings.  You could use online resources provided by reputable magazines or online apps.

If you are a busy individual, you may want to consider hiring a wedding planner as they will help you to craft and curate you wedding vision.  You may find helpful online checkers for things like budget control, wedding dos and don’ts.  Wedding planning books are brilliant but equally, a nice notebook and beautiful pen can help you do the job.

I think once you’ve got the above points in place you will be good to go as your wedding plans are coming from a sturdy base.  This then means planning the mega fun stuff will be easier and a heck of a lot less stressful.

Good luck planning your wedding … Remember it’s your day so do it your way!!


Heather xx


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